Topics in our monthly newsletter for March include:

Update your ABN now!

You could be missing out on stimulus measures, grants and other government support if your ABN details are out of date. 

The ATO and the Australian Business Register are making efforts to remind businesses and relevant taxpayers that it is essential to ensure ABN registration details are accurate and completely up-to-date.

It is a business owner's responsibility to make sure this is done (contact the Australian Business Register, see

If you have an ABN you can update the company details or get us to do it for you. 

Director ID numbers

There could be just around the corner.  Under the scheme, directors will be required to have their identity verified and have a unique and permanent identifier issued to them.

Companies will need to put processes in place to ensure that all existing directors

apply for a DIN within the prescribed timeframe once the regime is implemented.

new directors will have 28 days after appointment as a director to apply for a DIN.

The procedures and documents required to obtain a DIN are not included in the legislation, and will probably be set out in a separate announcement in the coming months.

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